The student ministry at FBC Diamond is here to provide Christian mentors to teens and young adults. We are here to assist the parents in the Spiritual development of their students. The student ministry here is active and exciting, yet students are given opportunities to grow in stature and wisdom in Christ. Plug in to learn, serve, and grow!

How from a young age you have known the Holy Scriptures, which are able to make you wise for salvation through faith in Christ Jesus. 2 Timothy 3:15


The idea of student ministry at FBC Diamond is to further the students’ understanding of who God is. We want to develop their knowledge of a loving, caring, and compassionate Savior, and to deepen their understanding of a God who is their father to discipline and yet show unimaginable mercy. The students should realize that God seeks to be with them always through a personal relationship. Students will know more about the One True God.


In a world where all kinds of knowledge is at one’s fingertips, the student ministry wants to encourage students to take the next step beyond knowledge. We want to challenge students to answer the question, “Why should I follow God?” Students will be encouraged to realize there is more than just learning and coming to church. Owning one’s faith is an essential step to the personal relationship with God.


One of the main reasons that Christians are in the world is to make God known. Students will have opportunities to invite their friends to fun activities, so their friends may become involved. The students will have training so that their lives start to reflect God to others. They will be encouraged to speak up about the love of God and the influence God has on their lives to their friends and family. The words and deeds of the students will make God KNOWN.