ADMIT you’re a sinner, you need Christ as your Savior, and all those who call on the Lord Jesus and obey Him will be saved. You can’t be saved without Him, nor add to or take from what Christ has done for you

(Romans 3:23, 5:8, 6:23).

BELIEVE the Lord Jesus Christ is the Son of the Living God. You can know He is Who He says He is by the hundreds of prophecies that came true in His Life. Many things foretold hundreds of years before His birth came true in His lifetime, and others He Himself made came true later

(Romans 10:9, 10:10).

CONFESS to the Lord and admit that you have responsibilities and commitments as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ.

The more you know about the Lord Jesus Christ, the more you’ll want to tell other people about Him

(Romans 10:13, 11:36, John 1:1).